Imperial Children’s Appeal

Support our children's services at
St Mary's

Support our children's services at St Mary's

Our children's department at St Mary's has already saved over 6000 lives to date and cared for over 25,000 children, but the charity wants to go further and do more for our youngest patients. We need your help to make sure every young patient we care for in our hospitals and the community continues to benefit from the latest research and treatments available.

There is a huge amount to be proud of within children's services, from the world renowned children's intensive care unit and its specialist knowledge of childhood infections, the amazing team of paediatric consultants and physiotherapists through to the diabetes team and the play specialists. All of whom are part of what makes the department so special, dealing with a huge range of complex illnesses and conditions on a daily basis.

Your support can make all the difference and allow us to push the boundaries of what our staff can do, so please give generously to the appeal so we can continue to offer the best possible care in every situation. You can donate to the appeal through our Amazon wish list by clicking here or through this website by using the links below. Here's how your donation can help:

Clothes for children
£ Variable

If parents aren't able to pick up more clothes for their sick children who stay longer than expected in wards, having a fresh set ready means children stay as comfortable as possible.


Changing mats

A huge number of babies are cared for every day, and having a clean, fresh supply of changing mats means parents can change their child as they would at home.

Teddy bears

Having a teddy bear as a buddy for the day and where staff can model procedures to children is hugely reassuring and comforting for children in a hospital environment.

Portable DVD player

Children in A&E, intensive care or living with limb and mobility conditions can watch DVDs from their bed to keep themselves pre-occupied.

High chairs

Babies need good support at feeding time which these chairs provide, allowing staff can maintain normal feeding times routines away from home.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are for babies who are too unwell to breast feed, important when they are ill; pumps can be used to express the mother's milk and fed to their baby through feeding tubes.

Days out from the hospital £300

Activity days away from the hospital help make children with chronic illnesses feel less stigmatised and offer a chance to enjoy being a child again.

Decoration and extra furniture £500

Creating bright, fun places for children can make their hospital visit far less daunting, and make them far more likely to co-operate.

Portable sensory play unit £10,000

For children with special needs or who have been through trauma, this bubble tube of fibre optics soothes, distracts and calms children.

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