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Have you had an unforgettable experience at one our hospitals? Was your life saved by the quick-thinking accident and emergency staff or perhaps a team of specialists supported you throughout your surgery?

If you are thankful for the outstanding care you received, sharing your story could inspire others to get involved with our work and help our hospitals do more.

Come in and visit the charity, reunite with the hospital staff who provided your care and tell us why the NHS is important to you. We will share your story on our website, social media channels and maybe even the local and national media.

What does this involve?

The stories we get may appear on our website or Facebook page, in a newsletter or in a newspaper. Simply tell us what you’re comfortable with and we will respect that - you are in control and you can always choose not to help with particular requests.

What do I need to do?

Simply email our Communications Officer, Jack, or call us on 020 3857 9857. You can even drop us a message on our Facebook and Twitter pages

Watch the video below to find out how one woman’s powerful story led to a brand new support service for bereaved mothers at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital.




Are you passionate about your local hospital? Perhaps you could take a few hours out of your week to volunteer at Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea, St Mary’s or the Western Eye?

As the Trust’s charity, we are committed to improving the hospital experience for all our patients. Volunteers have an important role to play, adding value to the work of our dedicated NHS staff.

Over the last 12 months more than 230 volunteers have contributed over 22,000 hours of their time to support our hospitals – and there are lots of exciting opportunities on offer this year.

To find out more about volunteering roles, visit, call 020 3005 6391 or email

Watch the video below to find out how some of our current volunteers were inspired to play their part.



NHS70 - Play your part in supporting our NHS

This year we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the NHS – a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the innovations and achievements that have shaped the health service as we know it today and to recognise the extraordinary staff who deliver outstanding care around the clock.

As an NHS charity committed to helping our hospitals do more, we also want to look ahead at the steps we can take to ensure the NHS is the best it can be and this is where you can play your part.

Why should I support the NHS?

The NHS has transformed the health and wellbeing of the nation, providing high quality care for patients free at the point of access. But it can only continue to thrive with our support.

We are all stakeholders in the NHS and you don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to make a difference.

Most of us will have experienced outstanding hospital care at some point in our lives – and everyone will know someone who has. If you are passionate about our NHS, this is your chance to give back.

How can I help?

Feeling inspired by NHS70? There are lots of ways in which you can celebrate the 70th anniversary and play your part in the future of our NHS. Click on one of the options below to find out more.

NHS70 DonateNHS70 FundraiseNHS70 VolunteerNHS70 Share your story





Have you experienced outstanding care as a patient at one of our hospitals? Did staff provide support for you and your family while a loved one was seriously ill?

You can say thank you by raising money for the hospital ward, department or service that means the most to you.

Whether you are a thrill-seeker looking for your next adventure or a culinary expert with your eye on a bake sale, we will support your fundraising every step of the way.

To find out more about taking part in one of our exciting challenge events, visit or for advice on organising an event of your own call 020 3640 7766 or email

Whatever you choose to do, our fundraising team will provide friendly support, promotional materials and handy hints to help make your event a success. Remember, we will ring-fence every penny you raise so it can only be spent on improvements to the hospital ward, department or service of your choice.

In need of some inspiration? Watch the video below to find out what some of our other supporters have done to raise money.



Clothes for children
£ Variable

If parents aren't able to pick up more clothes for their sick children who stay longer than expected in wards, having a fresh set ready means children stay as comfortable as possible.


Changing mats

A huge number of babies are cared for every day, and having a clean, fresh supply of changing mats means parents can change their child as they would at home.

Teddy bears

Having a teddy bear as a buddy for the day and where staff can model procedures to children is hugely reassuring and comforting for children in a hospital environment.

Portable DVD player

Children in A&E, intensive care or living with limb and mobility conditions can watch DVDs from their bed to keep themselves pre-occupied.

High chairs

Babies need good support at feeding time which these chairs provide, allowing staff can maintain normal feeding times routines away from home.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are for babies who are too unwell to breast feed, important when they are ill; pumps can be used to express the mother's milk and fed to their baby through feeding tubes.

Days out from the hospital £300

Activity days away from the hospital help make children with chronic illnesses feel less stigmatised and offer a chance to enjoy being a child again.

Decoration and extra furniture £500

Creating bright, fun places for children can make their hospital visit far less daunting, and make them far more likely to co-operate.

Portable sensory play unit £10,000

For children with special needs or who have been through trauma, this bubble tube of fibre optics soothes, distracts and calms children.

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