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Here are some of the types of project you can support as part of our £1,000,000 appeal:

Working to change the lives of London's young gang members

The major trauma centre deals with severe stabbings or gunshot wounds sustained from youth violence on a daily basis. Crucially, through an exciting new partnership with the charity Redthread it is uniquely positioned to be able to change the lives of young gang members. Through a team of youth workers who approach these young patients at their most vulnerable, the aim is to start the process of removing these people out of gangs and into safer, better lifestyles.
Cost to run this project: £200,000 per annum

Improving chances of survival through rapid blood transfusion

A significant percentage of major trauma patients die from their injuries due to blood loss. To combat this, trauma staff need to be able to quickly transfuse multiple units of blood and replacement fluid into the patient. The Belmont Rapid Infuser is a piece of equipment that allows this to happen, delivering blood to the patient at the right temperature at high volumes and faster rates than is currently possible. Easier and quicker for staff to set up and use, it is more accurate than current equipment, and is now routinely used in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan to treat the most severely injured patients.
Cost: £13,000

Rethinking the way we rehabilitate children and young people

Traditionally, trauma services focus on basic outcomes such as whether patients live and how their short-term health fares. There is little understanding of issues that apply only to young people, such as their continuing physical, cognitive, emotional and social development, which can often be affected following severe illness or major trauma. Having a paediatric rehabilitation researcher will change the way young patients are evaluated and highlight how young people's needs differ from adults.
Cost: £70,000 per annum over three years

Helping major trauma patients communicate better

Help fund a Tobii, a machine that allows a patient unable to speak or move following trauma to communicate with medical teams and their families simply through eye movement.
Cost: Approximately £6,000

Specialist seating to help patients transition from bed to standing upright

After experiencing trauma, many intensive care patients spend days, weeks or longer on their backs confined to their beds, which can result in bed sores or breathing difficulties and make simple tasks like eating an uncomfortable experience. Specialist seating can help combat these problems and give patients more independence
Cost: £69,000 for four seats

Helping trauma patients and their families return to everyday life

After being discharged from hospital, patients can sometimes need more support to get their lives back on track. A new navigator role in the major trauma centre will guide patients from the point of being discharged and integrate them with care services in the community. The navigator will also track patient progress and use the data collected to inform improvements in the community care system.
Cost: £84,000 over an 18 month period

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