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We'd love to hear from anyone who wants to share their positive experience at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Your life may have been saved by staff at one of the Trust's five hospitals in London, or your child may have been cared for by nurses who always went the extra mile for them. It could even be that your treatment was made more pleasant by the artworks we have throughout the hospitals.

If you're fundraising for the charity, please tell us as well as so that we can help with your publicity and make sure your fundraising is maximised through the media. Your story can motivate and inspire others to get involved with us and raise awareness of our work.

What does this involve?

The stories we get may appear on our website or Facebook page, in a newsletter or in a newspaper. Simply tell us what you’re comfortable with and we will respect that - you are in control and you can always choose not to help with particular requests.

What might I be asked to do?

This can vary between simply talking to the communications manager, who will write your story up and put it on the website, through to talking to a local newspaper. We will get in touch if we receive a request you may be able to help with. A willingness to be open about your experience always helps.

What information will I need to share?

In the majority of cases, aside from the story you have, it will be sharing your name, town, age and a recent photograph so we can have a face to a name. Where possible, we will try and link your story to a piece of research or a service that the charity has funded. It’s worth talking to members of your family about this first to make sure that they are comfortable with it too.

What do I need to do?

Simply email our Communications Officer, Jack, or call us on 020 3857 9857. You can even drop us a message on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

“It was an early morning in March when the wheels of my motorbike slipped on the loose gravel and road works that were going on. The stand of the bike went through the top of my foot and ripped a large hole out of it, severing my tendons, ligaments and bones. I was immediately taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s A&E department and then was transferred that evening to Hammersmith Hospital where I stayed for two weeks. During that time I had four major operations transplanting parts from my arm and leg to rebuild my damaged foot. I was very badly injured and was on crutches for two months after being discharged. In the following two years I had a further five operations to fix my foot, arm and leg. If it wasn’t for the team at that hospital, I wouldn’t be walking again let alone running the London Marathon. I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for so the least I can do to say thank you is try to raise money for Imperial Health Charity.”

Andrew Barnes, a former patient and runner in the London Marathon 2013

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