Sumuyya Khader

03Art_In_Situ_CharingX.jpgSumuyya Khader, Old Friend II, 2023, gouache on paper. Installation shot from Commission for Charing Cross Hospital. Image: Zoë Maxwell

We’re very happy to share our latest commission at Charing Cross Hospital in collaboration with Liverpool-based artist and illustrator Sumuyya Khader.


Three bespoke vinyl installations together with a series of original paintings and limited-edition prints were installed in 2023 and have transformed the hospital’s ground floor corridors.

Khader’s practice is a combination of illustration, painting & printmaking that predominantly
explores place and identity. She photographs the world around her, capturing fleeting
moments and snapshots of daily life in her local communities. These images are then
transformed into her precisely detailed paintings and given their unique style by flattening
the images and mixing in abstract shapes, colours and rhythms.


23Art_In_Situ_CharingX.jpgSumuyya Khader, Commission for Charing Cross Hospital, 2023. Installation shot. Image: Zoë Maxwell


With a strong belief that our surroundings have a significant impact on our wellbeing,
Khader often features restorative green spaces, relaxed interiors and still lives into her
paintings as a way to celebrate the life-giving properties of plants and greenery.

In Khader’s own words: “Everything I do is about engaging in conversation through visual
language. Whether it’s a print, a painting, or a commercial piece of illustration, I’m hoping to
start a conversation that sometimes, verbally, I find difficult.”

It’s a joy to display a combination of Khader’s portraits and landscapes in this new
commission at Charing Cross hospital. The commission invites us to explore and benefit
from the luscious greenery whilst simultaneously celebrating the diverse audience of staff,
patients and visitors interacting with the artworks themselves.


08Art_In_Situ_CharingX.jpgSumuyya Khader, Commission for Charing Cross Hospital, 2023. Installation shot. Image: Zoë Maxwell 

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