Sara Choudhrey and Susan Thompson

9H3A0985.jpgImage: Zoë Maxwell

Imperial Health Charity is pleased to present a brand new exhibition featuring the work of Sara Choudhrey and Susan Thompson.


Although their practices differ, both Sara and Susan share a keen awareness of the value in presenting art in a healthcare setting.

For Susan it has been a natural progression to show her work in this context, having worked as a nurse for a number of years. Sara has already shown work in a hospital environment through her RELAX Digital commission for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, expanding her exploration of art as a healing aid.

Sara and Susan are residents of Kindred Studios, a community space for artists and makers near to Shepherd’s Bush Market. Kindred Studios is temporarily in residence just next to the market itself and they are in the process of completing plans for a permanent home in Hammersmith.

What sets Kindred apart from most artists’ studios is the focus on support and outreach which all residents commit to when joining the space. Every artist is there because they want to foster strong links to the community and share their work with others, believing this can, in turn, help to develop their own practice. 

9H3A1021.jpgImage: Zoë Maxwell

Sara Choudhrey

Sara is a London-based artist and researcher, whose work explores themes of space, place, heritage and belonging through visual and material culture.

Sara’s practice involves the construction and application of patterns using a variety of media, where geometry and natural forms become reference points to site-specific locations around the world. Sara is interested in human engagement with spaces, natural and man-made, considering their impact on each other beyond a specific time and place.

Sara has developed this thinking with practice-led research on visual culture from medieval Spain and Portugal, Mughal era sites in Pakistan and Islamic art in the British Arts & Crafts Movement and beyond.

9H3A1114.jpgImage: Zoë Maxwell

Susan Thompson

Susan is an abstract painter based in London. As a nurse and artist, she considers the disciplines of nursing and art to be interconnected. The art of nursing is the intentional creative use of oneself, based upon skill and expertise to transmit emotion and meaning to another. She feels that this can be applied to art.

Susan works mostly in acrylics but also uses inks, charcoal and oils to create improvised abstract paintings on canvas, linen, paper and gesso panels. Colour features strongly in her work. The colours in nature act as a catalyst for her compositions which often contain references to landscapes, structures and patterns.

Our thanks to the exhibiting artists and Kindred Studios for their support of this new exhibition.