Adam Dant

Diagrams Are A Girl’s Best Friend
Limited Edition Print

This year is the bicentenary of Florence Nightingale and also the year of the nurse, so it is fitting that we acknowledge the incredible and essential contribution of our nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic by featuring an image of the woman who professionalised nursing and established the first nurse training schools.

To commemorate Nightingale’s birth 200 years ago, printmaker Adam Dant produced a 3 colour relief print on reclaimed lino from Middlesex Hospital, where Nightingale once nursed.

Nightingale is most famous for her work caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War, but did you also know that she was, amongst other things, a pioneering statistician?  In her campaigns to improve hospital procedures, sanitation and prevent the spread of disease, Nightingale collected data and used statistical charts to provide proof to illustrate her findings and support her ideas.

In the midst of governmental briefings on the latest COVID-19 data and the focus on track and trace capabilities alongside the search for a vaccine, the image of Nightingale and the light-hearted message ‘Diagrams are a girl’s best friend’ re-enforces the truth that the discovery, analysis and understanding of information is key to fighting against this infection.