In Good Company

In Leeds, curated street-art project In Good Company worked with artist/designer Morag Myerscough to create an eye-catching and joyous design showing our huge gratitude for keyworkers.  They took over a prominent billboard site at Leeds Hyde Park Corner and emblazoned it with a thank you message for our frontline staff.

Myerscough said “I wanted to show how much we appreciated all the work the frontline workers are doing and hopefully bring a bit of colour and words of love that might make a tiny difference on their way to and from work.”

Myerscough’s work is part of a larger project entitled Posters for the People in collaboration with renowned artists from across the UK. Inspired by the public outpouring of support and respect for NHS and key workers they created a campaign to bring joy, art, smiles and colour to the streets so that people can spread positivity with art.