Charing Cross Anniversary Garden

Charing Cross anniversary garden was built in 2018 to celebrate the hospital's 200th anniversary. Initiated by the dementia care team, the garden was developed to provide a much-needed outdoor space for both patients and staff, offering a place for relaxation and recovery.

The garden has been specially designed for patients with dementia as well as those recovering from a stroke or neurological condition. During a long stay in hospital, having access to a peaceful outdoor space has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve appetite, help patients sleep better and foster a broader sense of wellbeing. As well as providing a safe space for quiet reflection, the garden has also been used as an area for mealtime breaks, one-to-one sessions and regular outdoor activities tailored to aid the recovery process.

The design features private and quiet spaces, raised beds to enable patients to interact with plants, and garden paths with smooth surfaces suitable for patients who have difficulties with mobility.

The project is led by Imperial Health Charity, with kind support from garden designers Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer. Other partners included London Gardens, Cedar Nursery and the charity Thrive.

The garden would also not have been possible without a generous gift of £30,000 from donors Michael and Jackie Hayes. We are also very grateful to our patron Mark Thomas, for supporting our fundraising campaign. 

If you would like to find out more or be involved, please email