Poet in Residence – Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett, In Touch

 During this residency, funded by Imperial Health Charity and the National Lottery Community Fund, Keith has been working with both staff and patients to document their experiences during the pandemic. This collaborative poetry writing project has explored and identified shared ideas and recurring themes which will be used to create an anthology and onsite display.

The project has engaged with the hospital community by:

  • inviting staff and patients to write and submit poetry
  • providing team poetry workshops, led by Keith, to offer teams a space to express issues around the pandemic creatively
  • creating an activity pack for patients to contribute

8 ways to write a poem during a pandemic - Digital Book - Version 2 no post_Page_01.png
The activity pack, '8 Ways to Write a Poem during a Pandemic' is available to download here. This was created by Keith Jarrett in collaboration with design studio On The Mend. Please do send in any poems you create in response! 

If you would like to get involved or to find out more about the project, please email arts@imperialcharity.org.uk

Keith Jarrett is a writer, educator, and international poetry slam champion. He was selected for the International Literary Showcase as one of the 10 most outstanding LGBT writers in the UK. His work has included bilingual performances and installations, and his play, Safest Spot in Town, was aired on BBC Four. Having recently completed his PhD at Birkbeck University, Keith is currently finishing his first novel. His poetry collection, Selah, was published in 2017.

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