Music & Dance

Music and movement can have a profound effect, lifting moods and improving mental wellbeing whilst offering a gentle form of exercise. We are working to bring our music-based programmes online for patients and staff.




Akademi have been working with us for a number of years, bringing South-Asian dance techniques to our Medicine for the Elderly patients. Their work has aided patients’ physical rehabilitation, and Akademi have been working hard to bring their classes to the screen. On this page, you can watch all of their video tutorials; which we would encourage all staff, patients and wider community to watch and have a go!


Wallace Collection X Paul Rubenstein

Up until March 2020, professional storyteller Paul Rubenstein worked in partnership with the Wallace Collection to bring their collection to patients in our Paediatric wards. Using storytelling, museum objects were brought to life for young patients. Now, Paul has brought his magical stories for children to life, but this time via video! You can find these enchanting stories below to share with young people on your ward, or even with your own children at home.




Pre-Recorded Workshops:


The Freedom Bird!

by Paul Rubenstein (Children's storyteller, musician and facilitator)



The Horned Animals Party!

by Paul Rubenstein (Children's storyteller, musician and facilitator)

South-Asain Dance Guided Workshops

by Georgia from Akademi:


Hand and Wrist Exercises




Bollywood Disco