Visual Arts

With the help of some of our long-term partners, we have been able to bring visual art workshops to our staff and patient community. Below you can access some free and ready to use content, as well as hear about our ongoing live programmes.



Paper Birch

Paper Birch have continued to bring amazing interactive content to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust patients online. Their current projects include;

-       arts and craft workshops via video-call on the Neuro-Rehabilitation ward,(Monday afternoons)

-       craft sessions for parents on our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, (TBC)

-       bi-weekly evening art workshops run by artist Rhian Sutcliffe for Imperial Trust staff (bi-weekly Tuesday evenings)

-        and a whole host of recorded workshops with accompanying worksheets for staff and patients to enjoy instantly! You can find these below.



Art and Wellbeing Group

Our Art and Wellbeing group is one of our most successful and long running projects for both staff and out-patients at the trust. Lead facilitator and artist Marenka Gabler has made fantastic efforts to keep the group going both with monthly digital mailings full of art activities for the group, as well as live video-call workshops for people to get crafty and inspired by our art collection, from the comfort of their own homes.

She has also teamed up as part of Paper Birch and has contributed to our library of recorded workshops below.




Pre-Recorded Workshops:


Flower Pressing!

by Rhian Sutcliffe (Artist & Facilitator / Paper Birch)


Draw your own Self Portrait!

by Phoebe Rutherford (Artist & Facilitator / Paper Birch)


Write a Poem like David Bowie!

by Megan Bastable (Playwright & facilitator / Imperial Health Charity)


Exploring Imperial Health Charities Art Collection: Pattern Making inspired by Tom Hammick!

by Marenka Gabeler (Artist & Facilitator)


Surrealist Collage Making!

by Jo Ellison (Artist & Facilitator/ Paperbirch)


Family Relief Printing!

by Jo Ellison (Artist & Facilitator / Paperbirch)



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