Performance art

ICU Hear

We are delighted to be working with national charity Music in Hospitals & Care to bring their programme ICU Hear to Intensive Care at St Mary’s Hospital. Trained musicians give weekly live performances, using a variety of instruments to help patients relax and to take their mind of their stressful surroundings. 



South Asian dance company Akademi’s project Dance Well brings music and dance to care homes, day centres and hospitals. Akademi dance artists are visiting our patients in an elderly rehabilitation unit, using South Asian dance to compliment their physical rehabilitation. The programme aims to promote greater social engagement and well-being amongst older adults, to increase health and fitness in the aging community and to offer those living with dementia the chance to engage with creative and cultural material.


The Rhythm Studio

The Rhythm Studio uses music-making, singing and drumming to engage young people in paediatric wards at St Mary’s Hospital. Offering bi-monthly workshops, the Rhythm Studio helps develop a lively community feel on the wards, creating a happier environment. 


Box Tale Soup

We have worked with theatre company Box Tale Soup bring their unique blend of puppetry, physical theatre and traditional performance to paediatrics at St Mary’s Hospital!