Virtual Workshops

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, many of our engagement programmes have been temporarily suspended. However, we have been determined to find new and exciting ways to continue to engage patients, staff and our wider community with the Arts during this challenging time.
With the help of many of our wonderful facilitators such as Paper Birch and Rhythm Studios, we have been able to create more virtual content such as live and interactive music workshops; recorded art and creative writing workshops; arts & craft worksheets; and art & wellbeing booklets. You can easily access some of this content below, and we will be adding to it as our virtual content grows!


We are also creating and publishing free e-Magazines every other month for our trust staff and wider community, full of art and wellbeing content! Each magazine contains tips and tricks on promoting positive mental wellbeing through mindfulness, creativity and the Arts. you can download and read the most recent editions below!

Draw your own Self Portrait!

by Phoebe Rutherford (Artist & Facilitator / Paper Birch)

Flower Pressing!

by Rhian Sutcliffe (Artist & Facilitator / Paper Birch)

Write a Poem like David Bowie!

by Megan Bastable (Playwright & facilitator / Imperial Health Charity)

Exploring Imperial Health Charities Art Collection: Pattern Making inspired by Tom Hammick!

by Marenka Gabeler (Artist & Facilitator / Paper Birch)


Surrealist Collage Making!

by Jo Ellison (Artist & Facilitator/ Paperbirch)


South-Asain Dance Guided Workshops

by Georgia from Akademi:


Hand and Wrist Exercises


Bollywood Disco