Tremor Lifeline Appeal

What is the Tremor Lifeline Appeal?

For the one million people living with essential tremor across the UK, everyday tasks can be extremely challenging. Uncontrollable shaking makes it almost impossible to write, use a mobile phone or eat with a knife and fork.

Imperial Health Charity’s Tremor Lifeline Appeal offers real hope of a better life for these patients. 

With your support, we will enable world-leading specialists at St Mary’s Hospital to treat many more patients using a pioneering new technique called MRI-focused ultrasound.

Instead of risky and expensive surgery, patients will be able to undergo a single non-invasive treatment using a brain scanner — with dramatic, instantaneous improvements in their tremor, and no side effects.

This astounding new technology is one of the most radical developments in brain surgery over the last 50 years and will give patients who had given up hope the power to take control of their lives. St Mary's is the only hospital in the UK to offer this revolutionary treatment. 

Where will the money go?

To unlock this life-changing miracle treatment, we need to raise £1.5 million to fund a top-of-the-range MRI scanner at St Mary’s, cover the costs of its installation and make improvements to patient waiting areas at the hospital's Acute Imaging Centre.

Alongside the hospital’s existing brain-scanning equipment, this will enable the team to help many more patients live full and active lives once again.

How you can help

1. Get in touch
To speak in confidence with Imperial Health Charity's Director of Development, Hayley Pannick, call 020 3857 9852 or email

2. Donate online
To make a donation online, please complete the form on this page.

3. Send a cheque
Please make your cheque payable to Imperial Health Charity and send it to:

Tremor Lifeline Appeal
Imperial Health Charity
178–180 Edgware Road
London W2 2DS

4. Raise money
You can support our work by taking part in a fundraising event or organising one of your own. Our experienced fundraising team can offer lots of advice and support to help you along the way.
To find out more and browse our current fundraising events, click here.