Get support with your grant

Congratulations on receiving your grant!

We’re excited to work with you to help make a real difference to your patients and staff. Check out the handy resources we've created below to help you manage and make the most of your grant.

  • After your award FAQs

    Now that you've been awarded your grant, it's time to make the most of it. Browse our FAQs to find answers to the most common questions we receive from successful applicants after they’ve been awarded funding.
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  • Reporting

    We ask you to tell us about your project, so that we can understand how your work has made an impact. Read this section to find out more about our reporting requirements.
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  • Impact and Evaluation

    We’re committed to understanding the impact of our grants and ask all our grantees to evaluate their projects. We’ve created resources and support to help you – read this section for more information.
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  • Terms and Conditions

    It’s important that you understand our Grant Conditions. They provide all the information you need to manage your grant, and the requirements you’ll need to follow when you accept your grant.
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  • Logos and Acknowledgement

    We ask you to acknowledge our funding and to promote your grant. This helps to raise awareness of our work and encourages others to apply for funding in the future. In this section you can browse our acknowledgement guidance and download our logos.
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