Trust Staff Learning and Development Awards

Imperial Health Charity is committed to supporting Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust staff. The grants programme provides a block amount of funding to the Trusts People and Organisation Development Directorate in order to support Learning & Development Awards. These awards are given to any staff with 2 years or more service to fund an education or training event to support their role in the Trust.  This is not applicable to any mandatory training or development which is deemed essential for the role but aims to support these individuals who otherwise cannot get funding support to undertake personal or professional development.  All applications must demonstrate how the training will meet the stated aims of the Charity, with the impact on patient care, education or research.

How To Apply

Applications for the Learning and Development awards are fully administered by the People and Organisation Development Directorate. To apply, please go to the Trust intranet and fill in the application form which is within the ‘Working here/Reward and recognition/Development awards’ section. The Charity is not involved in the administration or decision-making process. The funding resource is limited and therefore not all applications will be successful.

Application Timeframe

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis but your application must be made at least 12 weeks before the start of the course to allow for the administrative processing. For those applying for funding for a university course, the cut-off dates are as follows:

  • Friday 14th September 2018 for September/October starts
  • Friday 30th November 2018 for February starts
  • Friday 28th February 2019 for April starts
How much can I apply for

Funding is given out to applicants based on their needs, to a maximum of £1,500 per person.


The grant is open to Trust staff with 2 years or more service.

Further information

For more information or queries, please contact