"I left a gift in my will to help other patients like me receive the best possible care."

04 July 2023

When Robert White was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his life changed forever. In our latest blog, he shares his personal story of care at Charing Cross Hospital - and why he was inspired to leave a gift in his will to help us support other patients and our incredible NHS staff for generations to come.

It was about five years ago. Someone noticed I was drinking a lot of water and I was going to the toilet a lot. They said it might be a sign of something. And that was the start of my journey.

Since then I've learned that prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men my age, and I'm now a big advocate for men getting checked up. But at the time it was all a new experience to me.

When my GP referred me to Charing Cross Hospital I was really pleased because I'd heard it had a good reputation for urological conditions.

Mr Taimur Shah was my surgeon, and he had a whole team of people who were looking after me. I felt really well cared for by everybody. They were all there to look after my health and it was very emotional - I nearly burst out in tears. Mr Shah even called me the day after my biopsy procedure to see how I was feeling.

"When I was told I had cancer, my chin hit the ground. But everybody involved in my care was absolutely amazing."

Robert White

When I was told I had cancer, my chin hit the ground. But everybody involved in my care was absolutely amazing. In February 2023 I had an operation to remove the cancer, which was successful. And although the treatment does knock it out of you for a while, today I'm cancer free.

I found the care at Charing Cross to be exemplary and I'm wholly indebted to Mr Shah and his team. I've been looked after by the most dedicated and wonderful staff over the last five years. I felt I was in the best possible hands from start to finish and I'll always be grateful.

I was determined to do something to help the hospital in any way I could – to support the incredible team of staff who looked after me throughout my treatment, but also to make sure that, in the future, other patients like me receive the best possible care.

Leaving a gift in my will to support Imperial Health Charity felt like a meaningful way to help. And I hope that one day my legacy will make a real difference for patients and NHS staff at Charing Cross Hospital.


Leaving us a gift in your will is a wonderful way to help the hospital that means the most to you. Not only today but for generations to come.

If you’d like to find out more about leaving a gift in your will, our dedicated team will be happy to help. You can download our free guide, email legacy@imperialcharity.org.uk or call us on 020 3640 7766.