Artworks set the scene in new mental health centre

Artworks set the scene in new mental health centre

19 July 2023

Artworks set the scene in new mental health centre
A new mental health assessment centre has opened at St Mary's Hospital - and the space has been brought to life with a series of stunning paintings commissioned by Imperial Health Charity.

The brand new unit, known as The Lighthouse, will provide patients who present at A&E and may require urgent mental health care with a therapeutic space where they can be looked after by trained mental health professionals. It is a great example of how donating to St Mary's Hospital can make a notable difference. 

The centre includes four patient rooms offering peace and privacy, as well as shower and bathroom facilities.

To help create a calming atmosphere in the space, we commissioned London artist Laura Gee to create a wall vinyl and a series of paintings. Laura's artworks feature soothing colours, depicting scenes of the natural world.

"Laura's beautiful artworks have helped us create a sense of calm for the space."

Delphine Allier, Curator

"We worked closely with the clinical team at the hospital's Emergency Department to find an artist who could help us create a sense of calm for the space," said our Curator, Delphine Allier.

"Laura's beautiful artworks are also complemented by the green and pink colours that were chosen for the walls of the rooms, corridors and common areas."


We believe art and creative are key to everyone's health and wellbeing - and within hospital environments, vibrant and engaging art can have a truly transformative impact on our experience of care.

In a recent survey of staff at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, 93% agreed that the artwork on display in their hospital made it a better place to work.

Feeling inspired? You can explore our art collection here.