Colourful artwork brightens children’s wards

04 November 2021

Colourful artwork brightens children’s wards
Bright and colourful artworks have inspired a stunning new look for the corridors around children's services at St Mary's Hospital. Here are some of the stories behind these uplifting new installations.

Brand new artworks at St Mary's Hospital have transformed the children's department for young patients and their families. Children, parents, and staff visiting the hospital can now enjoy uplifting works created by a diverse group of artists, including Adam Bridgland, Ben Eine, Anthony Frost and Rana Begum.

"Many of our patients and their families had never seen artwork here before and they told us how nice they've found them.”

Rachel Christie, Paediatric Outpatients and Ambulatory Care Manager at St Mary's Hospital

The bright and joyful displays were installed earlier in the autumn, providing a colourful new look for the department's corridors.

Rachel Christie is the Paediatric Outpatients and Ambulatory Care Manager at St Mary's. She said the artworks had made a real difference, injecting new life into what had previously been a plain space.

“Everything was taken away because of Covid-19 restrictions - the children haven't even had any toys to play with - so I think it's been really beneficial for them to have something nice to look at while they're waiting. It's made the area look less plain and more cheery.”

Although many of the artworks on display are abstract in nature, their meanings are often deeply personal. For instance, Adam Bridgland's print, My Favourite Colour is Rainbow, stands for joy, beauty, colour, play and hope, and was produced in the early part of the pandemic when rainbows became a symbol of support for the NHS. Bridgland uses a range of materials and working methods to explore British sentiments, and his often witty artworks tap into our desire to remember and relive shared memories.

IMG_1437.JPGMeanwhile, Ben Eine is a pioneer in the exploration of contemporary typography art. Originally a graffiti writer, he is best known for his bright and colourful letters on shop fronts, which began in East London and and can now be found all over the world. Eine has collaborated with Banksy for 20 years, and their partnership helped to bring street art to a wider audience.

Each of the works was specially chosen to appeal to children coming in for treatment, their parents, and the staff working in the department.

Rachel added: “Many of our patients and their families are people that have been coming to appointments over the last few years - they had never seen artwork here before and they told us how nice they've found them.

“A big thank you to Imperial Health Charity for providing us with this wonderful artwork. They’ve really made the children's department a lot brighter.”