Contactless donation boxes rolled out across the Trust

28 February 2020

Contactless donation boxes rolled out across the Trust
Visitors to our hospitals can now donate cash-free thanks to contactless giving technology introduced at the Trust.

Imperial Health Charity has partnered with tech start-up GoodBox to bring the easy to use devices to Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary’s hospitals. The boxes enable patients and other visitors to make an instant £3 donation to the charity, up to a maximum of £30, every penny of which goes back to improving care at the Trust.

The devices can be found at:

  •  Union House café, St Mary’s Hospital,
  • The north wing corridor restaurant, Hammersmith Hospital
  • The second-floor restaurant, Charing Cross Hospital.

It follows a successful trial in 2017 when a device was introduced to the children’s outpatients department at St Mary’s Hospital, the first time the technology was used in a UK hospital.

Hayley Pannick, Director of Development at the charity, said: “This alternative way of donating will make it even easier to make a difference with a simple tap to give.

“We’re proud to partner with Goodbox to help people support exceptional care across our hospitals.”