Dozens of ‘wobble room’ rest areas set up to support hospital staff

Dozens of ‘wobble room’ rest areas set up to support hospital staff

15 May 2020

Dozens of ‘wobble room’ rest areas set up to support hospital staff
Imperial Health Charity is helping to set up special rest areas to support the wellbeing of hospital staff on the front line of the fight against Covid-19.

Known as ‘wobble rooms’, these rest areas provide a quiet and peaceful space for staff working to offer exceptional care for patients in wards or clinical environments.

Staff can drop in and use these spaces to take a breather, grab a tissue and gather their thoughts before returning to work.

We’ve worked with the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to set up over 45 wobble rooms at our five London hospitals – Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea, St Mary’s and the Western Eye.

With funds raised thanks to our Covid-19 Relief Fund, we’ve paid for hospital teams to be provided with a wobble room box packed with equipment and other helpful resources.

Each box contains packs of tissues, facial wipes, hand creams, small snacks, mindfulness books and a radio, as well as leaflets providing information on how to access additional psychological and emotional support.

Staff can also request extra items such as soft furnishings, lighting and kitchen appliances to help transform these areas into peaceful and calming environments.

Nathaniel Johnston, Head of Leadership & OD at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “The support we’ve received from Imperial Health Charity has been so important in enabling us to provide these special rest areas for our staff – many of whom are working on the front line to help us tackle the coronavirus.

“Having a quiet space to pause and reflect can make a huge difference to the wellbeing of our staff at this challenging time as well as giving them an opportunity to leave positive messages of support for their colleagues.”

The wobble rooms are just one of the ways in which we’re supporting the wellbeing of hospital staff in response to Covid-19. Thanks to the donations we’ve received through our Covid-19 Relief Fund appeal, we’ve also funded additional counselling support for staff in our hospitals as well as setting up free on-site shops for our NHS colleagues to pick up food, drinks and toiletries when they need them.