New creative course will help patients become more confident in creating art

31 August 2017

New creative course will help patients become more confident in creating art
Patients are invited to take part in a free six-month course to develop their artistic skills and learn more about the art on display at the Trust.

The Art and Wellbeing Course, organised by Imperial Health Charity, features a variety of workshops, designed to help patients feel more confident in creating art and enhance their wellbeing and recovery.

 The charity’s extensive art collection, including works by Fay Ballard and Clare Woods, will be used as a springboard to inspire creativity as participants try their hand at watercolour painting, still life drawing, and more.

 The course is open to patients of all abilities and the charity is asking Trust staff to recommend it to anyone they feel might be interested.

 Lucy Zacaria, Head of Arts at the charity, said: “We’re delighted to offer this opportunity to patients. The charity is a firm believer in the way that art can transform hospital spaces and how creativity can greatly enhance patients’ recovery.”

 “We often hear first-hand from staff and patients just how much of an impact art can have and this course is something that we’re extremely passionate about.”

 Last month, a cross-party report concluded that arts-based approaches can help people stay well, recover faster, manage long-term conditions, and experience a better quality of life.

 The charity is proud to support the arts in healthcare and works hard to improve patients’ hospital experience through an extensive programme including creative workshops for patients undergoing dialysis and multisensory experiences for those living with dementia.

 The course takes place from 2-5pm on the first Saturday of each month from September onwards. Workshops will be held at Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary’s Hospitals. Anyone interested in joining should contact the charity’s Arts team by emailing or phoning 020 3857 9843.