New equipment for ICU patients thanks to Everest fundraiser

11 October 2018

New equipment for ICU patients thanks to Everest fundraiser
Critically ill patients with breathing difficulties at St Mary’s Hospital are benefitting from a brand-new piece of equipment that was bought thanks to the incredible efforts of a charity fundraiser.

Andy Reynolds took part in the intense Everest Base Camp trek in November last year, reaching an altitude of 5,546 metres and scaling five summits. He took on the challenge to give back to the Intensive Care Unit that cared for his brother, Martin, after a motor scooter accident left him with damage to his spinal cord and a fractured neck.

The gruelling 18-day trek raised more than £8,600 with every penny going to improve care in the ICU, allowing staff to buy an extra Clearway Cough Assistor, a piece of equipment that made a big difference to Martin.

“When he came off the ventilator from the tracheostomy his cough wasn’t strong enough to clear his lungs and that was causing problems,” said Andy.

“It made a hell of a difference because it enabled me to cough without being assisted,” said Martin. “The only other way is to push your stomach but that can hurt after a while if you do it so many times. It helps, but they’re not cheap.”

3.jpgPaul Clements, Senior Technologist at the hospital, said that the donation is making a big difference for staff and patients:

“This is gold standard care and our physiotherapists are getting so much use with this piece of equipment.

“After someone comes off a life support machine they need to recuperate and regain the strength in their diaphragm and the muscles between their ribs and they do that by using lots of physiotherapy and lots of breathing exercises and this device helps them breathe afterwards.

“Going from 1 to 2 is of enormous benefit. We’ve got 16 patients so having another one is brilliant. It’s been such a great help so thank you!”

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