Hybrid theatre opens at St Mary's after £1m funding boost

28 July 2020

Hybrid theatre opens at St Mary's after £1m funding boost
A new multi-million-pound operating theatre has opened at St Mary’s Hospital after a major funding boost from Imperial Health Charity.

The new ‘hybrid’ endovascular theatre suite allows for complex surgery and high-quality imaging to take place in a single operating theatre.

It will mean the hospital’s world-leading vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists can work together to carry out endovascular procedures without the need for open surgery.

The theatre will transform care for patients with blood vessel problems and will also benefit those who have suffered multiple trauma injuries, speeding up operations and reducing the amount of time patients spend in hospital.

Last year we awarded a grant of £1 million towards the total £2.8 million cost of the project.

Colin Bicknell, the Trust’s Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Head of Speciality for Vascular Surgery, said: “This is a very valuable addition to our provision for our patients. It means we are bringing together a high-performing multi-disciplinary team and state-of-the-art technology to provide the very best treatments for our patients.”

By performing both the surgical and imaging elements of procedures in the same space, the new theatre will minimise the risk of complications occurring during complex operations.

For example, surgeons will be able to use X-ray guidance to insert a stent through a tiny incision in a patient’s artery. This minimises the physical impact on the patient and is less painful than traditional methods.

Hayley Pannick, Director of Development at Imperial Health Charity, said: “We were delighted to be able to support this very important project, which will transform the facilities available for surgeons and interventional radiologists to carry out endovascular procedures. It’s wonderful to see the theatre open and ready to provide vital care and support for patients at St Mary’s.”

Picture credit: ME Construction Ltd