New maternity rooms help patients breastfeed

01 August 2019

New maternity rooms help patients breastfeed
Maternity patients at St Mary’s Hospital now have a private, relaxing space to express breastmilk thanks to a grant from Imperial Health Charity.

New facilities on the Aleck Bourne 2 Ward are giving recent parents a comfortable area away from what can be a stressful and hectic environment.

A new lounge gives them space to relax and take part in education sessions, while a separate room offers a privacy for pumping breastmilk. Newly installed kitchen facilities also make sure the milk can be stored safely and pumps and bottles can be cleaned properly after use.

Anna, a recent patient, said: “Sometimes when I just stay in my room with my baby the environment starts to get more and more stressful so it’s really nice to have these rooms and be able to disconnect. Having some privacy is great and it feels like a much more intimate space to express your milk.”

Making sure new mothers are relaxed is important as stress and anxiety can affect the amount of milk they produce.

Ward Manager Ibironke Ayoola said: “Before it was put in place we had an open room and if we wanted to talk with patients before they were discharged it would distract any women who were breastfeeding.

 “This has greatly improved patient care. They’ve been happy coming here and having this special area to feed their babies, especially when their rooms are too crowded.”