New ultra-fast ultrasound transforms care

17 January 2020

New ultra-fast ultrasound transforms care
More than 100 children have experienced faster and safer care in the last year, thanks to the use of pioneering ultrasound equipment.

Young patients who require vascular ultrasounds are benefiting from a wireless probe.

Staff no longer need to use bulky, expensive equipment to treat younger patients and can now carry out ultrasounds using a portable probe and a mobile phone. The probe is used on the body and an image is created from the sound waves. A connected electrical device picks up the image through Wi-Fi and displays it on the screen.

The equipment was paid for thanks to a grant from the St Mary’s Children’s Fund. Paediatric Consultant Surgeon Nic Alexander (pictured above) believes the probe will redefine ultrasound care in the UK.

“It’s accessible and easy to use. It’s a no brainer. The probe is the future,” he said. “The support of the St Mary’s Children’s Fund has allowed us to be a long, long way ahead of the curve.”

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