NHS staff getting creative inspires new ITV logo

16 March 2020

NHS staff getting creative inspires new ITV logo
NHS staff getting creative is the inspiration for a new ITV ident celebrating the contribution of healthcare professionals across the country.

We worked with creative studio On The Mend to create the ident as part of the channel’s ITV Creates initiative.

On The Mend’s Sophia Luu and Mathilda Della Torre came up with a brand new idea for ITV’s famous logo and worked with hospital staff to construct it live in front of the cameras.

Each staff member was given broken sections of the logo, which they pieced back together using a craft related to their profession. The completed artwork emphasises the journey of the shapes from broken pieces into a ‘fixed’ whole and celebrates the important role that creativity plays in supporting our health and wellbeing.

Lucy Zacaria, Head of Arts at Imperial Health Charity, said: “We were delighted to work with On The Mend and our NHS colleagues to bring this fantastic interpretation of the logo to life. The finished artwork beautifully represents the invaluable role of the NHS in looking after the nation’s health.”

The new logo will be broadcast to the nation this week in the form of a TV ident, which will appear on the main ITV channel during breaks between programmes. It’s one of a series of artistic interpretations of the logo created by a wide range of British artists for the ITV Creates project this year.

On The Mend is the only creative studio in the UK to focus solely on health awareness. Providing a platform to empower those under-represented by the current healthcare system, their bespoke events, workshops and projects are designed to inform and educate people on the societal impacts of health and wellbeing.

You can watch a short film of the team creating the logo here.