Poppy’s Fund delivers breathing support to maternity patients

25 April 2019

Poppy’s Fund delivers breathing support to maternity patients
Maternity ward patients at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital can breathe easy thanks to a brand-new device paid for by Poppy’s Fund.

The equipment, known as Optiflow, provides non-invasive respiratory support to patients in the hospital’s High Dependency Unit (HDU).  

Oxygen is comfortably delivered through the nose instead of an obstructive face mask, meaning patients can continue to eat, drink and interact with their loved ones.

One patient who was treated for pneumonia six days after giving birth said: “When I was admitted, I was given oxygen which helped my breathing, but it was uncomfortable and made my nose and throat dry. That in turn induced coughing which made my chest pain worse.

“I was transferred to HDU a few hours after admission and was put on the Optiflow. This machine delivered warm moist oxygen which was a lot more comfortable. I was able to breath deeper and was not coughing as much. I certainly felt quite a significant difference from the morning.

“By the next day I was pretty much off oxygen which was remarkable considering how ill I was the day before.”

Marie Hall, Team Leader for the obstetric HDU, said: “Being acutely unwell during pregnancy or right after giving birth can be extremely stressful for mothers and their partners.

 “Having this equipment allows us to implement early intervention to avoid transfer to intensive care, keeping the mother and baby together.”

The charity launched Poppy’s Fund last year to raise vital funds for the maternity team at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital. To find out more about Poppy's Fund, click here.