Samantha’s marathon effort for team that saved her sister

24 April 2019

Samantha’s marathon effort for team that saved her sister
Samantha Fox is taking on the London Marathon this weekend to say thank you to the surgeon that saved her sister’s life.

When Sarah Fox-Clark was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, the disease had progressed too far for the local hospitals to operate. Her prognosis didn’t look good, until she was referred to Professor Christina Fotopoulou, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist at Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital.

Sarah said: “I posted about my situation on an ovarian cancer support page on Facebook and a woman private messaged me with Christina’s name and suggested I get a second opinion with her. She’d been in a similar situation and Christina had helped her.”

Fortunately, Christina was able to operate, carrying out the surgery Sarah urgently needed to prolong her life.

 “Without Christina and her team, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” she said. “I know I’m not cured but she’s given me longer to be able to see my daughter grow up, and that’s the best present anyone could’ve given to me.”

Sarah's sister is determined to give something back and help other patients going through the same ordeal. This Sunday, Samantha will take on the London Marathon and hopes to raise £1,000 for the Ovarian Care Fund.

She said: “I really want to thank Christine and her team, and I think this is a great way to support them. I’m also running in remembrance of my amazing grandmother who passed away from ovarian cancer.

“My training is going well so far, with no injuries at all! I’m tapering off my training and taking it easier, ready for the big day.”

To make a donation to Samantha’s fundraising efforts and help her give back to the incredible staff at Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital, click here.