Titchner artwork inspires uplifting new look for Charing Cross A&E

17 June 2020

Titchner artwork inspires uplifting new look for Charing Cross A&E
Charing Cross Hospital’s emergency department has undergone an artistic makeover using words of comfort to adorn its walls.

We teamed up with staff from the hospital’s A&E department to commission Turner prize-nominated artist Mark Titchner, whose work is celebrated for its exploration of language, to decorate the area’s bare walls with inspirational art.

Titchner created this bespoke work, entitled We Work Together, after conversations with staff. He listened to their thoughts and feelings about working at the hospital, what they hope for patients and what it means to be part of the wider community.

Inspired by these conversations, Titchner included messages of hope, pride and unity against a soft and natural foliage background to contrast with the clinical environment of the hospital.

“I wanted the artworks to be linked to the working medical life of the hospital and felt this needed to be done in a visually pleasurable way,” Titchner said.

“I was thinking of a kind of exotic, dream landscape in contrast to the clean functional space of the building. My approach in doing this was going right back to the botanical starting point of modern medicine and connecting the natural world with the scientific one.”

We Work Together features a series of positive, uplifting messages in large print along the department’s walkways and corridors. The short phrases include messages such as ‘I believe in we’, ‘We are part of something greater than us’, and ‘We are what we do’

Delphine Allier, Curator at Imperial Health Charity, said: “This has been an exciting project for our arts team. Mark’s colourful artworks have invigorated the clinical area and provided comfort to staff and patients alike.”

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