Trust consultant inspires marathon fundraiser

19 March 2020

Trust consultant inspires marathon fundraiser
A PhD student is taking on the London Marathon in October after being inspired by a consultant at Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital.

When Natasha Rinne was training as an obstetrics and gynaecology Doctor, she decided she wanted to specialise in ovarian cancer after spending time with Consultant Professor Christina Fotopoulou. Now halfway through a three-year PhD at Imperial College London, Natasha is training for the iconic run to support the charity’s Ovarian Care Fund, raising money for research into advanced ovarian cancer.

She said: “Professor Fotopoulou is an incredible woman and Gynaecology Cancer Surgeon who inspired me to further specialise in the field.

“With her support, I paused my clinical training and started a PhD looking at discovering new treatment options for women with ovarian cancer.”

Natasha is aiming to raise £5,000 to support research at the Trust led by Professor Fotopoulou herself.

“All the donations will go back to the lab, helping fund equipment and materials that I, and the rest of our team need, to continue with our research.

“Training is going well, despite the rotten weather! I’m following a 16-week training plan which gets me out running five days a week. Sometimes it’s a struggle to fit it in so I save the long runs until the weekend and sometimes drag my partner along for company!”

To support Natasha’s incredible efforts, click here.