Volunteers’ Week spotlight: Crisis Response Volunteer Abi

01 June 2020

Volunteers’ Week spotlight: Crisis Response Volunteer Abi
Crisis Response Volunteer Abi has been supporting Imperial Health Charity’s work at Hammersmith Hospital over the past few months.

Yoga teacher Abi felt passionate about supporting our staff at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, as a Crisis Response Volunteer, during this challenging time.  

As one of our 300+ volunteers, she has been assisting with deliveries of food, drink and other essential items across the hospitals for the staff, ensuring  doctors, nurses and support staff are kept fed and hydrated throughout the long hours on the wards.

Abi said: “It’s a massive group effort. I feel proud to be a part of the team and am in awe of the staff at the Trust who are working so hard.”

Volunteering at Hammersmith Hospital has given Abi a real sense of purpose and social connection at this difficult and uncertain time.  

“I feel like I’m now able to do something and not stuck at home wishing I could help.” Abi added.

“Seeing the volunteer team at Hammersmith on a regular basis has been a real highlight of this whole situation. It has kept me busy and connected.”

This Volunteers’ Week, we want to say a big thank you to our hard-working Crisis Response Volunteers who have been supporting our work across the Trust. You can help us show our support and send your personal thank you message to our volunteers by emailing Imperial Health Charity at appeal@imperialcharity.org.uk, or sending a message on Twitter or Instagram. You can find the charity at @ImperialCharity.