Logos and acknowledgement

Letting people know that we’ve provided the funding for your project is really important. It helps us ensure we are as visible as possible, so we can demonstrate our impact, and raise awareness of what we do. This means we can encourage more people to apply for funding in the future and encourage others to donate.

We therefore ask you to use our logo, and acknowledge our funding, on any material that you create in support of your project. We’re also keen to work with you to promote your project.


You should use our logo on any materials you create, including presentations, posters, handouts, websites, apps, e-invites, newsletters - anything you make as part of or to promote your project.

Our logo is available below. Right click the appropriate link and press 'save as' to download.

JPG - Small file size, good for websites

PNG - Slightly larger, better quality, transparent background

For guidance on how to use our logos, please read our Logo Guidelines.


Our preferred wording for acknowledgement of our funding is: ‘This work was supported by Imperial Health Charity’. You should include this sentence in any text relating to your project.

Promoting your project and achievements

There are many ways you can promote your project and what you’ve achieved, whether to your colleagues, the wider health community, or the general public.

Social media

Why not share stories and posts about your project on social media? We’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, so be sure to tag us, and we can share to our followers too.

Internal meetings, newsletters, or mailing lists

If your team or department have a newsletter, sends relevant emails out to a mailing list, or holds large group meetings, you could use these opportunities to promote your project. These can be great ways to raise awareness of what you’re doing and the fact there’s funding available for others.

Internal posters

If you have an internal or patient-facing noticeboard, it could be a nice idea to create a poster to promote your project. Please contact the Trust’s Communications team for more advice about this, and make sure our logo is used correctly.

Publications, presentations or posters

If relevant, you should submit the results of your project for publication or presentation in journals, conferences, or similar, and acknowledge our funding. Let us know when you do submit, and if you’re accepted, we’ll help celebrate your success.

Press and media

If you’re considering contacting the media to publicise your project, or if you’re directly approached by a journalist requesting an interview, you should first contact the Trust’s communications team for further guidance. Please also inform us of any plans to contact the media in advance so that we can help you to acknowledge us appropriately.


If we have provided significant funding for an area or redevelopment within the hospital, we may need to work with you to install an acknowledgement plaque. Please contact our Head of Communications Jack Dixon, jack.dixon@imperialcharity.org.uk, to find out more.

Charity Comms

We’re keen to work with you to promote your project and maximise positive publicity. We also promote projects ourselves, and may share stories about your project via our newsletters, reports, website, social media or other media opportunities. We may be in contact with you to find out further details or ask for photos, quotes or interviews, and ask that you co-operate fully.  

Research Fellowships

Our Research Fellowship programme is joint-funded by us at Imperial Health Charity, and the NIHR Imperial BRC. Therefore, if you have been awarded a Research Fellowship grant, you will need to acknowledge both organisations, with the following wording: ‘This work was supported by Imperial Health Charity and NIHR Imperial BRC’.

You should also acknowledge our funding in your email signature for the duration of the fellowship: ‘Imperial Health Charity/NIHR Imperial BRC Fellow’.

Still have questions?