How you could access a Special Purpose Fund

We manage a range of unique funds, each set up to support a specific purpose within our hospitals. These funds are called Special Purpose Funds.

Special Purpose Funds (SPFs) contain money that has been donated to us to be spent on a particular ward, department or service. This could include funds donated to honour the care of a loved one on an individual ward, or to support a particular area of research.

There may be SPFs you can use to support your patients, or you and your colleagues, in line with the fund’s purpose. To find out if there's an SPF you can access and please complete our Expression of Interest Form.

We can then check the funding opportunities available, and provide you with further guidance.

Special Purpose Funds in the spotlight

Find out more about three of our biggest SPFs. 

 Poppy's Fund

Carly Hodgson, Sara Paterson-Brown and Roger Hodgson - 08.06.18.JPG

Nothing can prepare a parent for the heart-breaking moment of losing a child. Sadly, that moment came for Carly and Roo Hodgson on 12 October 2017, when they were told their unborn daughter Poppy had died.

During this traumatic experience, Carly and Roo were supported by the inspirational maternity staff at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital. Specialist bereavement midwives helped them through their ordeal and demonstrated extraordinary care and compassion in the weeks and months that followed.

That's how Poppy’s Fund was born.

This Special Purpose Fund was set up to enable the maternity teams at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea and St Mary's hospitals to continue providing first-class care for many more families. The fund is used to support specialist equipment on the wards, counselling services for bereaved or traumatised parents, improvements to the hospital environment, and further training and education to help staff care for families in challenging circumstances.

 St Mary’s Children’s Fund

Sonia Dhami, Vinar Apparas, Vyshnav Apparas (9).jpg

Every year thousands of seriously ill children from across the UK are treated at St Mary’s Hospital.

From tiny babies to young adults, all our patients receive the outstanding care that every child deserves – when they need it most.

The hospital's family of expert paediatricians are world leaders in their field, driving clinical research and innovation that will shape children’s health today, tomorrow and long into the future.

But they also understand that when a child is unwell it affects the whole family, so they carefully plan care around our patients’ unique emotional and practical needs.

St Mary’s Children’s Fund has been set up to make children’s services at St Mary’s even better, transforming the hospital environment, providing the best possible equipment, and supporting staff.

 The Blood Fund


The haematology department at Hammersmith Hospital is world-renowned for its research and exceptional care for patients with a wide variety of blood disorders, including leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, sickle cell disease and haemophilia.

The Blood Fund is the department’s SPF, providing funding to ensure the team can go even further. It can support nursing posts, clinical research, ideas to improve patient care, and staff support.

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