How you could fundraise for a Special Purpose Fund

We manage hundreds of unique funds, each set up to support a specific purpose within our hospitals. These funds are called Special Purpose Funds.

Special Purpose Funds (SPFs) consist of money that has been donated to us to be spent on a particular ward, department or service. You can use these funds to support your patients or you and your colleagues, in line with the fund’s purpose.

But did you know you can also fundraise for our SPFs, to help grow these funds?

By raising money for one of our SPFs, you can help to increase the funding available for you to access and make even more of a difference for patients and staff across our hospitals.

Contact us to find out more – we can help you find the Special Purpose Fund that is right for you. Our Fundraising team are here to support you with resources, hints, and tips!

  • Direct patients to us
    If you have a grateful patient or family member who would like to say thank you for the care they have received, please let them know that they can donate to your SPF. You can give them our details and we’ll do the rest!
  • Fundraise yourself
    Staff fundraising is a great way to bolster the balance of your fund and it’s perfect for team building too. Your team could take part in one of our events or do something of your own. You can also set up a Just Giving page so people can easily donate to your cause.
  • Introduce us to your contacts
    Do you know a business or organisation that would like to support your SPF? Perhaps your friends’ workplace could make a festive donation to your ward? Send an email to and we’ll be in touch. 



Top tip

Click here to find out more about how you can access funding through a Special Purpose Fund.

Contact us to find out more!