Winter Appeal

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At St Mary’s Hospital, our incredible A&E team provides outstanding emergency care for children in their hour of need.  

This winter, they will be there once again to look after thousands of young patients and their families when they need it most.  

The hospital's dedicated children’s A&E is often the first port of call for families in the event of a serious injury or illness, and the amazing team work tirelessly day and night to provide the best possible care for every child.  

But with your support, we can help them do even more. 

Will you donate to our Winter Appeal and help us provide extra support for children in an emergency? 

Your generous donation will help the children’s A&E team provide an even better hospital experience for children and their families. Not only this winter, but for many years to come. 

Your kind support will help us transform the busy A&E department into a more welcoming and relaxing space for families as well as equipping the team with brand new games, engaging activities and the latest interactive resources.  

These important additions will have an enormous impact for young children at a time of stress, putting their minds at ease and helping them reconnect with play and adventure. 

Your generous donation could help us provide extra support for children like Alfie*. He’s six years old and struggles with his breathing because of a respiratory condition.  

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Alfie often feels frightened and distressed in unfamiliar surroundings and sometimes gets anxious around the medical equipment.  

“We know that special lights on our ceiling tiles would make things so much better for Alfie,” said Louise Sutherland, a Health Play Specialist at St Mary’s. “The colourful pictures and dimmed lighting would create a far more calming atmosphere and really help him to relax while he receives treatment.” 

With your kind support this winter, we'll be able to provide a wide range of extra resources to the children’s A&E department at St Mary’s, making a real difference for thousands of children like Alfie.  

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Your generous gift could really make a difference to children receiving emergency care at St Mary's Hospital this winter. Your donation could help us ...

Transform the children's A&E waiting room into a more comfortable environment

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Your gift could go towards updating the entrance and waiting room so that the department feels brighter and more welcoming for children and their families, with extra seating and space for young patients to take part in activities while they wait.  

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Support children to reduce feelings of anxiety and distress while they receive care


Your gift could go towards state-of-the-art lights to be installed in the department’s ceiling tiles that show calming images to distract and soothe children during uncomfortable procedures.  

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Improve the play resources available for children while they wait for treatment

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Your gift could go towards an entertainment device that projects interactive games and activities, helping to reduce feelings of anxiety and distress. it could also enable us to provide toys and art materials that give children the chance to play and be creative during their time in hospital.

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With your generous support this winter, we can help the children’s A&E team at St Mary's provide the very best care for every single child.  

Please give generously to support our Winter Appeal this year. Your gift will make a big difference, helping to equip A&E staff with everything they need to provide a calm and comforting hospital visit for children and their families. Thank you.

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