Working with volunteers

What sorts of tasks can volunteers do to support your team? Read our simple guide to learn more about how volunteers can lend a hand.
Looking for volunteers to support your ward or service? We can help you develop a new role, then recruit and place volunteers to support you.
Been inspired by a hospital volunteer? Show your appreciation by nominating them for a Make a Difference Volunteering Award.


Support and resources

Get to grips with everything you need to know to work with volunteers across all our hospitals.
Need support with volunteers in your team? Get to know the members of our volunteering team based at your hospital.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer.


Making an impact

The incredible contribution of volunteers makes a real difference and helps our hospitals do more.
Hear from some of our amazing volunteers to find out what inspires them to support patients and NHS staff at our hospitals.
Read about our strategy for how volunteering can improve the hospital experience for patients, visitors and NHS staff.

Get in touch!

Have a question about working with volunteers or need further support? You can contact our volunteering team. Just email or call 020 3005 6391.