Key contacts

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If you have been approached by someone who wants to volunteer please direct them to: where they can find all of our currently advertised opportunities.

Hospital Volunteering Teams

All of our teams can be contacted via email at: 

Charing Cross Hospital

Volunteering Manager: Calleigh-Marie Lawrence

Volunteering Officer: Giorgio Caruso

Phone: 020 3005 6391 (option 1)

Hammersmith Hospital / Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital / Renal Satellite Sites / North West London Pathology

Volunteering Manager: Louise Gibson

Volunteering Officer: Amy Datadeen

Phone: 020 3005 6391 (option 2)

St Mary's Hospital / Western Eye Hospital

Volunteering Manager: James Easey

Volunteering Officer: Eva Tarabocchia

Phone: 020 3005 6391 (option 3)