Volunteering at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust - Our Performance: 2022/23

Volunteers make an incredible contribution to the work of our NHS Trust, by working together we can ensure that volunteer efforts are channelled in ways that enable them to make the most impact as well as gaining from their experiences. We work to achieve the best possible value for everyone's time and efforts. By measuring and monitoring our performance we are able to celebrate successes as well as easily identify where we can make improvements or where a change of approach might be required.

We measure the performance of the Volunteering Programme within Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust using a number of different methods:

  • Number of volunteers who have been active within the current financial year
  • Number of volunteer hours recorded within the current financial year
  • Number of volunteer shifts recorded within the current financial year
  • The current average rating per volunteer shift, as recorded by volunteers on a 1-5 scale
  • Number of patient interactions recorded by volunteers during their shifts
  • Estimated/approximate number of staff hours saved through volunteer support (as recorded by Trust teams)*
  • Satisfaction with volunteers as recorded by Trust teams*
  • Assessment of whether volunteers have made a positive difference to patients, as assessed by Trust teams*

*currently only a small sample of Trust teams actively report this information so the data reported does not show the full extent across the Trust


The following reports are available for the April 2022 - March 2023 financial year which show these performance measures, filtered by Divisions, Teams and Hospital sites within the Trust: