Information, events and training for current volunteers and staff

Information for volunteers

This page contains useful information for volunteers and important documents related to volunteering with Imperial Health Charity,  which can be downloaded. If you have any questions about the documents below or want to discuss anything related to your volunteering please contact the Volunteering Manager at your main hospital site. 

Volunteering Policy

Vol Policy March 2019 Image.JPGThis document outlines how Imperial Health Charity will work with the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to run the volunteering programme. It outlines key Trust policies and procedures that volunteers will need to follow and adhere to as well as key information about volunteering. It is strongly recommended that all volunteers and staff read this document

Further Training Opportunities for Volunteers 

As part of our plans for volunteering at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, we have been looking at ways that we can offer additional learning through training, talks and networking events so that you can explore various topics to support you in your volunteer role.

We are really excited to be able to offer these sessions for volunteers within the Trust and hope that you can join us. Please see the details below for upcoming sessions and follow the instructions to book yourself on.  

Upcoming Sessions

Delivering Service Excellence in Health and Social Care:

Delivering Service Excellence in Health and Social Care is one of the Welcome to Excellence series of customer service training programmes developed by Regional Tourist Board Partnerships Ltd. The training will be delivered by staff from the Volunteering Team and aims to help participants provide excellent service to all their service users.

  • These sessions have now all taken place for 2019, if you'd like to attend one of these courses during 2020 please contact us.

Youth Violence Training:

This session will be delivered by Redthread (Youth Violence/conflict charity) and will cover how we work with young people experiencing youth violence, trauma, contextual safeguarding and criminal exploitation including County Lines.

  • These sessions have now all taken place for 2019, if you'd like to attend one of these courses during 2020 please contact us.

Frailty training:

This session will be run by members of staff from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and will look at how we talk about frailty care within the trust and why it matters.

  • Wednesday 13 November, 2pm-4pm, W12 Conference Centre, Hammersmith Hospital

Stress Resilience training:

This training is aimed at exploring and developing an understanding about what stress is and the impact stress can have on us all, alongside exploring ways to manage the stressors we may be facing and develop our own personal (and team) resilience. 

  • Tuesday 19 November, 2-4pm, Function Room, Mint Wing, St Mary’s Hospital  

Schwartz Rounds:

Schwartz Rounds are group discussions that offer a space to share and reflect on the personal, emotional and social aspects of our work in healthcare. They run at the education centres of each site, 1-2pm, with lunch and registration from 12.30.

  • Tuesday 12 November, St Mary's Hospital
  • Thursday 28 November, Charing Cross Hospital
  • Thursday 5 December, Hammersmith Hospital

CEO Sessions:

Each month CEO Tim Orchard and members of the executive team host sessions across our sites to share key developments in the Trust and answer any questions you may have. 

Please follow the booking instructions below to register for these events:

1. Go to

2. Sign-in using the button at the top using your username

3. (If  you don’t know or have forgotten your password, click on Sign-in to your account and then click on the Forgot my password link)

4. (Type your username in the ‘Username’ box)

5. (Click Submit)

6. (Check your emails and follow the steps to reset your password, choose something memorable as you will need to remember this to book future events)

7. (Now go back to   

8.  (Log-in using your username (this is ) and your new password)

9.  Click on the Training tab

10. Click on the event title you would like to attend

11. Click Register

Don’t worry, if you run into any difficulties booking your place please call us on 020 3005 6391.

We look forward to seeing you there.