Funding for community projects

Thank you for your interest in our Compassionate Communities funding programme. 

Compassionate Communities is aimed at voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations that support the health and wellbeing of people living in north west London who may be waiting for or struggling to access healthcare services.

We know that these charities and organisations are best-placed to support local people in our local communities, and we want to work together to deliver impactful healthcare projects in north west London.

If you're interested in applying for funding through our Compassionate Communities programme, please read the information below and complete our Eligibility Quiz before you apply.

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What are we looking for?

The programme has two focus areas. You must choose at least one.

  • Prehabilitation – projects that provide ongoing physical and mental health support for residents who are waiting to access healthcare services
  • Peer support and community groups – projects that bring people together with shared healthcare and community experience to provide support and advice to others.

Types of projects we are looking to support, include:

  • projects that help north west London residents improve their understanding of health and the health care system, and how to navigate it
  • projects that promote healthy lifestyles, such as physical and mental health activities, and healthy diets.

We are aware that some people would benefit from receiving one-to-one sessions, such as counselling (whether one session or more). Our funding is to benefit as many people as possible. So, while we would not discount any project that offers one-to-one activities, we would need to assess their quality and value for money.

Types of projects we cannot support include:

  • tackling or reducing poverty (e.g. food banks)
  • single or multiple social trips within or outside London
  • religious and political activities
  • how to access benefits
  • the purchase of office or medical equipment/devices, or vehicles
  • the refurbishment of your office space or capital works.

Project service user groups

We are aware that there are groups of people who face significant barriers to access healthcare than others. While we aim to be inclusive, our funding will prioritise the following groups:

  • Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities including Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.
  • Children below 15 years old
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual+
  • Low-income families
  • Older people above 65 years old
  • People with disabilities including those with a learning disability and autistic people
  • People with multiple long-term health conditions
  • People experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol dependence, vulnerable migrants, sex workers, people in contact with the justice system, victims of modern slavery and other socially excluded groups.

Your project service users do not have to be patients at any of the ICHT hospitals, but they must reside in north west London.​​​​​

Who can apply?

Take the Eligibility Quiz to see if you are eligible to apply . You can also find out more in the Guidance Notes that you can download.


What support do I need?

What support do I need?

Your Chief Executive, Finance Director or Chair of Trustees must have read your full application and sign the Signatures of Approval Form that must be uploaded to your online application. You can download the Signatures of Approval Form here.

How much can I apply for?

Your funding request must be a minimum of £5,000 and maximum of £50,000.

Your project duration must be a minimum of 12 months and up to 24 months, to include set-up and evaluation periods.

Your project must directly support and impact north west London residents across any of our 8 boroughs.

Your project can be new or expand on a current provision (it cannot be just to fund current provision)

You can apply as a single applicant or be part of a consortium with 1 lead applicant. If you are part of a consortium, you cannot apply as a single applicant, i.e., apply/benefit twice.

When can I apply?

There is only one call in 2023/24. The application deadline is Wednesday 12noon, 1 November 2023. 

Remember to upload your completed Signatures of Approval Form with your application on Flexigrant, You can download the form here. You must also upload any other governance and financial information we request with your application. We cannot accept any of these documents separately.

How do I apply?

You’ll need to apply online via our grants platform, Flexigrant. You must open a Flexigrant account. Use the Sample Applicaion Form that you can download to work up your application before you use the online form. ​​​

Are resources available to help with my application?
  • Book your slot to attend our workshop on What is the programme about? In these virtual workshops via Teams, we will explain the programme in more detail and the information we need to know including outputs and outcomes, project planning and budget. Each workshop is limited to 20 participants. Only one participant per organisation. To register your interest, click on this link Select a Date & Time.

    Workshop dates and times:
    Wednesday 6 September 2023, 10.30am to 11.30am
    Wednesday 4 October 2023, 10.30am to 11.30am


  • Book your slot to attend our workshop on How to use Flexigrant. In these in-person workshops at the charity’s office, we will explain how to use Flexigrant. Each workshop is limited to 15 participants. Only one participant per organisation. To register your interest, click on this link Select a Date & Time.

    Workshop dates and times:
    Tuesday 5 September 2023, 9.30am to 10.30am
    Monday 2 October 2023, 2pm to 3pm

You can also download these documents:

How does the funding work?

You must attend a welcome event on Monday 22 January 2024 where you will meet other grantees and charity staff.

At the event, we will explain how to manage your grant, request payment and our grant terms and conditions (Ts&Cs) as set out in your grant award letter. Please note: our Ts&Cs are not negotiable.

Make sure you accept our grant offer on Flexigrant within 10 working days after the event. When you accept our offer, Flexigrant will ask for your project start and end dates. Once you’ve done this, you can start to spend your grant.

See the Guidance Notes about our Reporting requirements and on receiving grant payments.

Quick links

Use these links to download our sample application forms and complete guidance notes:

Guidance Notes

Sample Application Form

Signatures of Approval

End of Grant Report Form

Progress Report Form

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Projects we've funded

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