Our strategy

As the dedicated charity for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, we help our hospitals do more through grants, arts, volunteering and fundraising.

Our activities provide extra support for hard-working hospital staff, while improving the care that patients receive - above and beyond what the Trust can achieve with NHS funding alone.

We deliver supportive arts and volunteering programmes that enhance the overall hospital experience for staff and patients as well as awarding funding for healthcare projects that enable the Trust to provide an even better service.

Our strategy, 2022-25

Building on our recent successes, our three-year strategy is about expanding and enhancing what we do. It's about continuing to provide extra support for the benefit of patients and NHS staff at our hospitals. But it's also about exploring ways in which we can work with the Trust and other partners to support better health outcomes in our surrounding communities as well as within the hospital walls.


Our vision is to facilitate exceptional care and better health, within our hospitals and in our surrounding communities, above and beyond what the NHS alone can provide.

Our mission is to work in partnership with the Trust and other organisations to enhance the experience of care throughout the patient journey, acting as a catalyst to support better health outcomes. 


To help us deliver our vision, we've identified three key objectives that we will work to achieve over the next three years:

  • Enhance patient experience throughout the care and treatment journey
  • Expand the Trust's capacity to provide outstanding care and improve health outcomes
  • Support better health and wellbeing for patients in our surrounding communities.

In developing this strategy, we've reflected on our knowledge, experience and expertise, seeking to build upon our existing strengths to focus on areas of activity where we believe we can make a significant impact. Our strategy sets out how we will work together with the Trust to ensure we continue to support exceptional care and better health, above and beyond what the NHS alone can provide.

To learn more about our strategy, you can read a full summary here.