Staff Arts Club

The Staff Arts Club is co-ordinated and funded by Imperial Health Charity and offers staff within the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust the opportunity to engage with London’s arts scene. Members enjoy a range of benefits including free admission to some of London’s major museums and galleries as well as invitations to private tours and exhibition openings. 

Click here to log in or sign up as a new member.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, galleries have had to put a restriction on the number of guests allowed into any exhibition at one time and so require pre-booking to all exhibitions. Due to this, we now have a new system in place which still allows you to go to our fantastic partner museums for free, while also booking in advance. To receive our Free Exhibition Ticket Booking Guide which includes everything you need in order to book your tickets, please email and we will send it to you via email.SAC page.png

The Royal Academy of Arts

Based in London’s Piccadilly, the Royal Academy of Arts promotes the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education and debate.

Staff Arts Club members enjoy free entry to paid exhibitions plus one guest! As well as regular opportunities through our monthly newsletters, to win tickets to VIP events both in-person and online via Zoom.

The Victoria & Albert Museum

The world's largest museum of decorative arts and design housed in a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects in South Kensington. 

Staff Arts Club members enjoy free access to paid exhibitions with one guest, access to the Members’ Room, and invitations to after-hours curator’s tours (tours and members room usage subject to the venues current restrictions due to Covid-19)

Tate Modern and Tate Britain

Tate Modern and Britain a world-leading in their exhibitions; celebrating both historical artists as well as groundbreaking and innovative creators who are shaping the current creative scene.

You and a guest get free access to any paid exhibition! Plus regular opportunities through our monthly newsletters, to win tickets to VIP events both in-person and online via Zoom.

The Royal Albert Hall

We have been historically gifted a box at the Royal Albert Hall. Tickets for concerts are available to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust staff through our regular ballots. 

Staff Arts Club members may apply for tickets for up to three concerts in each ballot. You can apply by signing into your Arts Club login on this page, and then going to the Royal Albert Hall tab which you will find on your Account page. 

Please note, that if you are successful in a ballot, you will then not be able to apply in the following three ballots, to allow others who were not successful in previous months a chance to win.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Staff Arts Club?

First, click ‘Arts Club Login’ at the bottom of our website. Then click ‘Create a new account’ beneath the sign in section. Fill out the details as requested on both pages. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with further information afterwards. 

What do I need to do to enjoy free entry?

That depends on which of our partner venues you are visiting. For exhibitions at the Royal Academy and Victoria & Albert Museum, simply show your Imperial NHS ID badge at the exhibition entrance.

For visits to Tate Modern and Tate Britain please e-mail us at to request a PDF of our ticket.

Can I take a guest with me on my visit?

You may take one guest into exhibitions at Tate Britain and Tate Modern with our PDF ticket. Please e-mail to request a copy of the ticket.

For the Royal Academy and Victoria & Albert Museum we offer a limited number of single-use guest tickets. You may also borrow a VIP card which permits two guests and is loaned out for a maximum of two weeks. Both options are subject to availability. In either case please e-mail informing us of the intended date of your visit.

For the Members Rooms at the RA and V&A, entry on presentation of a valid Trust ID badge includes one guest.

How do I get tickets to exhibition openings and other events?

We advertise all our events in the Staff Arts Club newsletter which is sent out at the end of every month. You will receive this if you have successfully signed up to the Staff Arts Club. Check your junk folder if you aren’t receiving it.

There are links to apply for each event in the newsletter. We randomly select winners from all applicants at least a week before the event is due to take place. If you haven’t received an e-mail a week before the event please assume you have been unsuccessful. We cannot reply to all applications individually.

How do I enter the Royal Albert Hall ballot?

Click here to visit the My Account section of the website. You may be prompted to log in if you haven’t already. From this page, click the Royal Albert Hall tab on the blue bar. Please be aware that this tab may not show immediately for newly created accounts. If it still isn’t visible after 24 hours, please get in touch.

My account has been locked. How do I fix it?

Accounts are most commonly locked when incorrect passwords are entered multiple times. Please e-mail making sure to tell us the e-mail address used to sign in and we will fix the problem.