Our appeals

We're proud to work closely with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to identify areas where our supporters can make the biggest difference.

Read more below about our active campaigns and how you can get involved.


  • St Mary’s Children’s Fund

    The St Mary’s Children’s Fund supports children’s services at St Mary’s Hospital, ensuring that experts can continue to deliver the care that every child deserves.
  • The Blood Fund

    The Blood Fund supports the haematology department at Hammersmith Hospital, providing vital funding to develop clinical research, improve patient care and invest in the scientists of the future.
  • The Ovarian Care Fund

    The Ovarian Care Fund is raising money for research into advanced ovarian cancer in women, supporting ground-breaking new studies by funding highly-skilled lab staff and essential equipment.
  • Poppy’s Fund

    The Poppy's Fund appeal is raising vital funds to improve maternity care at St Mary's and Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea hospitals, including specialist equipment, counselling, staff training and major improvements to the hospital environment.