Jess Wilson

On display throughout the Alec Bourne maternity ward at St Mary's Hospital is a series of newly commissioned prints by Jess Wilson


IMG_4595.JPGPhoto: Imperial Health Charity


Jess Wilson is an artist, printmaker and illustrator working out of Jealous, a contemporary print studio and gallery in East London. Wilson’s fluid style inquisitively explores the world we live in. Using crayons, paints, inks and paper she creates colourful works, often blending image and text, inspired by everything from classic films, to the city of London, to humorous observations in life and the media. She has also completed major commissions for brands including Sony and Vogue.

This latest collection of unique floral screenprints were created by Wilson especially for the Alec Bourne maternity ward following a visit to the unit in 2021. The images are made using seasonal plants and flowers collected by the artist in a colour palette chosen specifically to brighten up the space.

“I have been a screenprinter at Jealous for over ten years and have been playing with the idea of floral screenprints. The majority of my artwork has involved illustrating and screenprinting my own maps which are incredibly structured and take a long time to create.

Around four years ago I decided to lay a leaf on the side of a screen to see whether I could make a good stencil out of it and to my surprise it worked really well. I grew up in Suffolk and it was wonderful to explore the kind of foliage and scenery that surrounded me in my childhood and use it in my artwork.

I feel very proud to have been asked to be involved in this project with Imperial Health Charity and to have the opportunity to display these works”.


IMG_4613.jpgPhoto: Imperial Health Charity