Anthony Lysycia: An Artist's Travels

8.JPGAnthony Lysycia, The Golden Triangle, watercolour, 1998 © The artist.

Imperial Health Charity presents An Artist's Travels, an exhibition of watercolours by British artist Anthony Lysycia.


Anthony's artistic output ranges from paintings on canvas, to sculptural pieces in stone and found materials, to public commissions. Anthony also regularly works with school groups, teaching stone and wood carving techniques to younger generations.

Fuelled by his love of travel, all of the paintings in this exhibition have been produced en plein air (outdoors) during his expeditions across the globe. This style of painting is popular with artists who desire to work freely and directly, capturing not only a static image but also the sensory effect of shifting light and changing weather on a scene.

Journeying across the continents Anthony has produced hundreds of paintings in this way, recording remote mountain temples, sprawling countryside vistas and paradisal islands. The resulting display is an impressive survey of Anthony’s work, and a visual archive of one artist’s mission to explore the world in pursuit of inspiration. Accompanying the works are anecdotes from the artist referencing his reason for visiting each place and the memories he has retained.


IMG_6713.JPGImage: Imperial Health Charity


After an extended period of time in which none of us were freely able to travel, this exhibition celebrates the joy in visiting faraway places and immersing oneself in different cultures. We hope, for some viewers, these images evoke memories of places they have been to in the past, or depict a destination they hope one day to visit. Some may even find amongst this varied selection of paintings an image of their home country.

Read more about Anthony's work on his website:


6.JPGAnthony Lysycia, Waverley Station, Edinburgh, watercolour, c. 1998 © The artist.