Celebrating Our History

Celebrating Our History

Hammersmith Hospital, November 2018

Celebrating Our History


Celebrating Our History  comprises two exhibitions: the 'Hospitals That Make History' timeline produced in partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; and a display of the seven prints which form Imperial Health Charity's NHS 70th Anniversary Print Portfolio. Both will be on display at St Mary's Hospital first, before spending a month each at Charing Cross, Hammersmith, and finally the Western Eye Hospital.

Hospitals That Make History

The NHS was created in 1948.  With a continuing commitment to provide care for all, based on clinical need and free at the point of delivery, it remains one of the UK’s proudest achievements.  It has enabled and supported some of the biggest advances in health and care worldwide.

While the hospitals and people who make up Imperial College Healthcare have an even longer track record of innovation and achievement, they have played an important role in shaping the NHS—and being shaped by the NHS—from the start.

This timeline illustrates Imperial's place in the story of the NHS, from inspirational people to innovations and breakthroughs.

NHS 70th Anniversary Print Portfolio

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, seven leading artists were approached by Imperial Health Charity to produce limited-edition prints to raise funds to support Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

The seven artists involved in the project are Peter Blake, Jeremy Deller, Tom Hammick, Mona Hatoum, David Mach, Elizabeth Magill and Chris Orr. The prints are a joyous selection of images showcasing the breadth of techniques and styles possible in printmaking.

As a major health charity, we are very proud of our art collection which helps to transform the clinical environments of the five London hospitals we support. This project is a way to acknowledge the important role print portfolios have played in the history of hospital collections: in 1989 the King’s Fund commissioned six artists to create prints for NHS hospitals. The aim of this project was to make great art, which the NHS could not pay for itself, available in hospitals. Our ethos takes this as its base and extends it through our collection, making wonderful art available to all and safeguarding our many works for the future.

The anniversary is an opportunity to appreciate the vital role the NHS plays in our lives, and to recognise and thank the extraordinary NHS staff who are there to guide, support, and provide care every day. We are delighted to also be offering sets of these prints at no cost to other London NHS hospitals. We hope that this portfolio is a fitting tribute; that the works will brighten the hospital environment; and that the funds raised from their sale will allow us to continue supporting the incredible work of the service.

Our partner print studio for this project was Worton Hall Studios and the prints are on sale online through the CCA Galleries website.

Visit http://www.ccagalleries.com/artists/nhs-70th-anniversary-portfolio for more information.