Get support with your Special Purpose Fund

Calling all Fund Advisers!

We’ve created the following Special Purpose Fund Governance Guidelines to give you all the information you need to use your SPF to its full potential.

This document will provide the details you need for the administration and management of your funds. We hope you find it useful.

Here are some other useful documents you may need:

  • SPF Purchasing Guidelines. Our guide to help you make purchases using your SPF.
  • CF04 SPF reimbursement form. You can pay for items personally then be reimbursed from your SPF. Use this form to request reimbursement. Please check the Governance Guidelines above to make sure your purchase is valid, as reimbursements of invalid items will not be approved.
  • The Trust's Invoice Request form. This is a Trust document, for you to complete once a purchase has been made through the Trust, so an invoice can raised to us to recoup your expenditure. 
  • VAT exemption list
  • E-mandate Guidance. Any physical changes to the hospital building require an e-mandate to be completed. Please read this guidance document if you plan to use an SPF to pay for these type of works.



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