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Photos of projects funded through the Compassionate Communities programme

How our funding has made a difference?

Through the Compassionate Communities programme, we’ve awarded vital funding to support fantastic organisations working to enhance the health and wellbeing of people in north west London. Here are just a few of the incredible projects we've supported.

Southall Community Alliance

Southall Community Alliance.jpg

‘Plant to Plate’ is an innovative partnership project to help Asian and African women from Southall to plant and grow healthy food that can then be transformed into healthy recipes on their plates. It brings together women who are affected by heart disease, type two diabetes and obesity and help them understand about healthy growing, cooking and eating can offer a sustainable solution to managing health problems.

Janpal Basran, Director of SCA said “SCA is delighted to receive Compassionate Communities funding allowing us to work with and empower disadvantaged Southall women”. 


Dance for Dementia by DanceWest is an inclusive dance programme, tailored for individuals with dementia and their families. Led by experienced dance health artists with a social cafeĢ after each class. Launching in 2024 in Hammersmith, Brent, and Ealing, welcoming all. At the social café, professionals from the health care system will be invited to present, with an aim of educating residents on how to access other support services, activities, advice & information.

The project aligns with the charity’s focus area “to lessen the cultural barriers that local people face in accessing dance and physical activities”.

"I have been privileged to attend a session run by DanceWest for Dementia, and observed first-hand how beneficial people living with dementia and their carers find this. The benefits are companionship, shared experience and social activity then more nuanced such as exercise of coordination, mental function. All the attendees walked out of the session feeling supported and refreshed, and one lady who was observed to be very agitated in her dementia, was calmed and ended the session smiling and relaxed” Clinical Research Nurse west London Trust.

Somali Parents CIC

The Somali community does not have an initiative or programme to assist them in understanding their needs and increase awareness of various options of health services that can be accessed easily. The lack of information and support can lead to frustration, demotivation, and lost confidence in the health system.

‘Community Health Matters (CHM)’ provides drop-in sessions at the White City community centre to learn more about the healthcare system (e.g.  how to communicate with their GP using PATCHS and provide instructions to help using it by the project coordinator and volunteers. The project will also provide information about different options for accessing treatment (e.g. self-care at pharmacies, when to call 111, walk-in centres, 999, etc. 

Project activities include: workshops, peer-support, one-to-one support, leaflets in Somali (and other Arabic languages), and podcasts.

This is a great opportunity to enhance community health service access and explore available options."  - Jamal Ismail, Director, Somali Parents.

Cuban Boxing Academy CIC

pro-FNSRVm6n.jpeg‘Box Outside the Box’ is aimed at community members who are struggling with their mental and physical health and who lack support networks and the resources to pay for additional help. It provides a supported approach to improving fitness, nutritional intake and wellbeing through a range of physical and social activities such as boxercise, yoga, chess and weekly socialising.

“We are extremely pleased to receive the Compassionate Communities Grant for our holistic health and wellbeing work, it will mean we have the capacity and resources to provide a weekly service for some of the most isolated and vulnerable in the local community” – Marcos Camejo, Director and Founder

For Brian CIC

For Brian CIC.jpg

‘Positive Spin Cycling’ aims to increase the physical activity, mobility, and social engagement of people with dementia living in Hammersmith and Fulham, and Kensington and Chelsea.  It  provides ongoing physical and mental health support, and may slow down the symptoms of dementia.

The project will work in partnership with Bikeworks CIC.

Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support

‘EmpowerAbility’ aims to increase understanding of physical/mental health for autistic adults in Hillingdon and Ealing, improve navigation of health services, and work with health partners to make primary healthcare autism-friendly.

“We are delighted to receive this funding which is extremely vital for autistic adults to enhance physical/mental wellbeing” – Antoinette Mullally, Chief Executive

BME Health Forum

‘Healthy Lifestyles, Health Equalities’ will help people from BME  communities to make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Groups of 10 people will meet  weekly for 3 months. Each participant will identify three simple measurable changes to their daily life, relating to their eating, physical activity levels and long term habits. Participants will commit to changes that are sustainable over 3 months and likely to make a measurable difference within that time, e.g. weight, physical fitness or blood pressure. Groups will be facilitated by staff from the same communities, who will receive training and regular support sessions.

There will be 12 cohorts of 10 people over 12 months. Each week the group will talk about how they are getting on, providing encouragement and support to each other. People will be helped to access physical activity in ways that work for them, e.g. helped to find affordable classes or accompanied to them to help overcome cultural barriers.  Professional speakers will be invited to the sessions to talk about health issues.

The Rena Initiative CIC

The Rena Initiative .jpgThe RENA Initiative presents: HeArty’ is a fun, community led year-long project bringing women—including gender identifying women, transwomen and non-binary people—together to provide peer support and advice through visual art workshops, discussions, mentoring and physical health activities.

The project will deliver the primary focus of ‘peer support and community groups’ through: a) 10x monthly 2-hour HeArty painting workshops: health themed art workshops. e.g. a menopause specialist co-delivering a workshop where women share experiences, improve their understanding of the menopause and how to navigate the healthcare system while creating visual art representing their feelings about menopause; signposting and referrals service when needed; b) 10x monthly 30-minute strength workshops: c) 10x monthly small group mentoring sessions: training to building confidence, improve mental health and empower service users with the practical, technical, and personal skills to develop their own community project ideas.

Rena Initiative’s CEO, Mellezia Bovell said “we are delighted to again partner with Imperial Health Charity. Thank you!”

Mosaic Community Trust

The ‘Patient Care and Well-being Drop-in Project’ will enhance the care and well-being of patients, with a focus on those awaiting surgery or treatment, especially in the field of Orthopaedics.

The project has four distinctive components, each designed to provide comprehensive support to patients in need. All these components are based on several years of experience in the community and have been carefully selected and designed with full participation of service users.  The four components are: holistic patient support; health literacy support; basic health checks and lifestyle guidance; and movement and deep breathing exercises.

The project aligns with Mosaic Trust’s  commitment to enhancing patient care and well-being, ensuring that individuals have access to the support and resources they need for a healthier and more informed healthcare experience.

“This award will greatly benefit socially deprived patients to wait well before surgery through a planned culturally appropriate service”, -  Lena Choudary-Salter, CEO.